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What is GMCVO?

Greater Manchester Centre for Voluntary Organisation (GMCVO) is the voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector support and development organisation covering the city-region of Greater Manchester.



We work with and through the voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector to:

  • improve the qualitity of life for local people

  • enable the involvement and leadership of communities in addressing and resolving the issues that affect them

  • provide support and connectivity to people and communities  especially those that are disadvantaged


Our Board of Trustees

Our Staff

Our Key Partners



A short film outlining the role of GMCVO

What are our aims?

The work carried out by GMCVO is underpinned and guided by our vision, aims and objectives.

Our aims are to: 

  • strengthen the voluntary and community sector, build bridges with other sectors, and influence local and national policy

  • support local voluntary action by local people, working in partnership with other support organisations and with the public and private sectors

Our objectives are to:

  • raise the profile of the Greater Manchester voluntary sector 

  • enable Greater Manchester voluntary organisations and their clients to influence policy

  • promote partnerships within the voluntary sector and between the voluntary and other sectors

  • promote equality of opportunity and access, and to promote the value of diversity

  • make the sector and its infrastructure more sustainable

  • help to promote the needs of the people of Greater Manchester at regional and national level

  • develop the sector and improve the capacity and competence of both infrastructure and frontline voluntary organisations

  • develop leadership and professional skills within the sector

  • support and co-ordinate infrastructure services

Find out more about our values, principles and priorities in our strategic plan

Download Our Strategic Plan

What do we do?

We offer 'collaborative' leadership, based on dialogue, respect, consensus and distributed power. We are a broker of relationships and ideas across boundaries of all kinds. We provide selective support to enable VCSE organisations to respond to the needs and aspirations of communities and people.

We are only one player alongside many others. To have an effect we function as a catalyst and enabler. We are a centre for voluntary organisation, functioning as as reference point for an intereconnected web of contacts, networks, partnerships and initiatives operating at every scale across the city region.

Our portfolio of work reflects our strategic objectives.

Our Work

Who do we work with?

We work strategically to strengthen the local the voluntary sector, builds bridges with other sectors, and influence local and national policy. As an infrastructure support organisation for Greater Manchester our engagement is delivered through a range of projects and thematic networks and services. In particular, we work with the following groups and organisations:

  • Frontline organisations: those working directly with the public

  • Infrastructure organisations: working with the voluntary sector, either generic, specialist by profession or specialist by client group and either local, sub-regional, regional or national

  • Government and statutory organisations: local authorities in Greater Manchester, GMCA, health authorities, Transport for Greater Manchester, and Government departments

  • Others: including private sector infrastructure and private sector organisations, the media, universities, research institutions, funders, international organisations and GMCVO members

A large element of our work involves representing the views and needs of people involved in local voluntary action, sharing ideas and brokering relationships with other sectors. We do this by working in partnership with relevant local, regional and national support organisations. You can find our more about these partners by clicking on the link below.

Our Key Partners

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